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Financials are complex in any industry, and they are arguably the most complex in the software industry. The stumbling block for most software companies is managing revenue recognition and billing schedules - and ensuring compliance. Few financial packages provide these tools, forcing companies to manage these complexities offline in spreadsheets or in third party standalone packages.

We help our clients use one financial system that manages accounting, complex billing and revenue recognition - so there's no more entering and re-entering of data.

Get the benefits of an exact fit to your business requirements without having to build your own:

TurnOnTech iconFinancials with Revenue Management / Revenue Recognition

TurnOnTech iconState-of-the-Art CRM for Software Companies

TurnOnTech iconGlobal Subsidiary Management and Consolidation

TurnOnTech iconReal-Time Dashboard With Key Business and Project Metrics

TurnOnTech iconIntegrated Back-Office with Software-Specific Features

TurnOnTech iconDeep Services & Support Functionality

TurnOnTech iconRich Channel and Partner Relationship Management

TurnOnTech iconSoftware Development and Delivery

TurnOnTech iconRapid Customization and Integration

TurnOnTech iconSystem Lower Cost of Ownership

To find out how to enjoy these benefits and more, contact us.

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